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Chemical Materials
Zu-Lon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Chemical Material, established in 1977 with locations in Pyi Tour Township, Changhua, Taiwan. Main products are para toluene sulfonic acid (PTSA), paint chemicals material , textile chemicals, paints chemical, chemical productions, cleaning chemicals, P toluenesulfonic acid, toluene sulfonic acid (TSA), sodium para-toluene sulfonate (STS), nitric acid calcium (calcium nitrate), acid calcium phosphate, xylene sulfonic acid, sodium xylene sulfonate. Zu-Lon's worldwide presence will meet the needs of their customers on a global level. In order to give more services to their customers over the world.

Chemical Materials Company
In 1977, Zu-Lon Industrial founder, Mr. Lin, Xin-Lai, realized that chemical industry in Taiwan mostly depends on imports and that resulted in high production costs. So he decided to invest human and material resources in the chemical industry and thus Zu-Lon Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.

Later on in 1991, the capital was increased to 10 millions to expand the scale of production and production was mainly focus on PTSA, covering the use of lacquer made, casting, cleanser, textile, and pharmaceutical intermediate. A new production line of calcium nitrate and calcium phosphate was added in 1993. Customer base are from agriculture, feed industry, and latex industry, etc.

ZU-Lon's Main Products
●  PTSA (Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid)
●  STS (Sodium Para-Toluene Sulfonate)
●  Calcium Nitrate (Nitric Acid Calcium)
●  Acid Calcium Phosphate
●  Xylene Sulfonic Acid
●  Sodium Xylene Sulfonate Sodium Xylene Sulfonate